The Collaborative Design Tool

for Filmmakers

Pre-production made simple.

Backlot enables you to visualize, iterate and plan your film.
Collaboratively with your entire team.

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Create better together.

With Backlot, your entire team can work together in the same scene at the same time - all before the on-set pressure cooker begins. Gain the creative freedom of working in tandem and time-saving benefits of collaborative workflows.


Filmmaking super powers.

Backlot is designed to work the way filmmakers already work. Our cameras feel like real world cameras, our lights like real world lights. Animate like the tools you already use.


Iterate infinitely. Film once.

Easily create and compare multiple versions of the same scene before filming. Want to see what your scene looks like through a fish-eye lens on 70mm IMAX at golden hour? We got you. Get creative & iterate with your team in Backlot until you get it just right.


The most up to date version. All in one place.

Get your team on the same page and avoid all too common (and costly) mistakes on set. Backlot creates one, accessible game plan for the entire production to follow.

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